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Chris Mansfield

Business Catalyst

I’m Chris Mansfield, founder of Fusion, the Business Catalyst. We’ve probably met at a networking event.

I started building my network of contacts and connections in 2000.  That’s when I attended my first BNI meeting and totally grasped their ethos of "givers gain".

Bringing the right business people together

Having spent 20-odd years making trusted connections for my own business, I now do this for other people.

I’m a self-confessed serial networker, mainly around Sussex and London. On a daily retained basis, I use my trusted reputation to go out and generate high-quality leads and business connections for your business.

"He is well known as a serial networker and for generating good quality business leads and connections in and around Sussex and London.

He effectively shortcuts the usual process of emails and phone calls trying to contact the right person and being thwarted by the "gatekeepers", by knowing the right person to speak to or knowing someone who does, and because of the trust people have in him they are usually willing to take the call!"

What’s the secret to effective networking?

For me, successful networking is about consistency and curiosity. By consistently attending events and taking a genuine interest in the people there, I build strong and lasting relationships.

Simon joined me at Fusion in 2022 because we both feel the same way about the power of networking. We ask what you need for success and find out what you provide for others. Then we connect you to the right person so you can have a conversation.

Lead Generation to find new customers
Strategic alliances with new business partners
Helping to find the right person for the job or to find the right job for the person
Finding new suppliers or distributors

Simon Gregg

Business Catalyst

I joined the Sussex networking scene around the same time as Chris. It’s where we met, more than 20 years ago.

Successful networking is about listening rather than talking. I love meeting talented people and finding out what they do. Looking from the outside, I can spot opportunities for their business and connect them with equally talented people to make it happen.

Chris and I have the same outlook. Through networking, there are opportunities everywhere — collaborations and partnerships as well as new clients.

We get to know the people in the room and discover their own connections. As a result, we now have a vast extended network of people who can benefit each other.

Lisa Richardson

Business Catalyst

I love meeting people, listening and hearing about their incredible journeys and talents and finding them opportunities, either to grow their business or find new clients.

I’m based in the Midlands but spend significant time networking online and engaging and building relationships in some dynamic groups.

I’m passionate about creating bridges between businesses so that they can forge meaningful relationships for collaborations and partnerships. I’m continually honing my networking skills; over years I’ve used these in education, all things property and business.

"Her introductions to key business contacts have proven highly lucrative. Lisa's expert networking skills and industry knowledge have opened doors to valuable opportunities, making a significant impact on my business success. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking to expand their network and capitalise on profitable connections."

Joao de Saldahna

"Lisa is incredible at creating relationships with people.
Her niche of engaging with people who run webinars, and then hooking them up with powerful strategic partners is a business model I understand well but don't know anybody else that his making it work for their clients in the way that Lisa does.
If you are looking to create more strategic alliances and partnerships in your business, you need to speak with Lisa."

Andy Gwynn

About Fusion

The Business Catalyst

We love networking, obviously, but it’s not for everyone. Also, it takes time — and when you’re running a business, it’s difficult to attend networking events consistently.

At Fusion, we attend networking events on your behalf. On a monthly retained basis, we showcase your talents to people who would benefit from your services — people you may not have thought of — and we find new business opportunities for you.

We do this in an informal, non-salesy way, forming trusted relationships with your ideal clients, potential partners and collaborators.

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Who we’ve helped

Here are just some of the businesses that Fusion is currently working with. To become part of the select group, why not get in touch?

“I’ve known Chris for a number of years now and have grown to think of him as an essential part of business – a cog that keeps the wheels of business turning.

He talks of ‘Putting the Right People Together’ cutting out the time wasters and tyre kickers; quite simply, he does!”

Chris Hughes

emeritus vistage
chairman & speaker

We save you time… and endless emailing

We shortcut the usual connection process. Instead of emails and phone calls — trying to reach people, thwarted by gatekeepers — just talk to us.

Simon and I are trusted faces on the Sussex business scene with over 1,000 mutual connections. Whatever you need for your business, we quickly connect you to the best person for the job.

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