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We can help you succeed by putting the right people together and building your network.

Meet Chris

Chris Mansfield

Business Catalyst

Chris started building his extensive network of contacts and connections in 2000 when he attended his first BNI meeting and totally grasped the ethos of "givers gain".

20 years later, having previously networked for his own businesses for many years, he now works on a daily retained basis for businesses wanting to grow through lead generation, strategic partnerships or acquisition and uses his trusted reputation to bring the right people together.

He is well known as a serial networker and for generating good quality business leads and connections in and around Sussex and London.

He effectively short cuts the usual process of emails and phone calls trying to contact the right person and being thwarted by the "gatekeepers", by knowing the right person to speak to or knowing someone who does, and because of the trust people have in him they are usually willing to take the call!

How can Fusion help you?

One of the key skills of networking is to build relationships by consistently attending events and taking a genuine interest in the people there. This way you learn about people's needs and the services they provide, after that you simply need to connect the right people together.

Sounds easy doesn't it? But in order to do that people need to trust that you will give them good quality recommendations that won't let them down. This only comes after many years of gathering thousands of connections and having a proven track record of doing just that.

This is the foundation on which Fusion is built.

Fusion Business Catalyst is the go to place for businesses and individuals who are looking to make the right connections in the quickest way possible.

Lead Generation to find new customers
Strategic alliances with new business partners
Helping to find the right person for the job or to find the right job for the person
Finding new suppliers or distributors
Artemis Telecoms
We've had a real problem increasing our client base....

Who we’ve helped

Here are just some of the businesses that Fusion is currently working with. To become part of the select group, why not get in touch?

“I’ve known Chris for a number of years now and have grown to think of him as an essential part of business – a cog that keeps the wheels of business turning.

He talks of ‘Putting the Right People Together’ cutting out the time wasters and tyre kickers; quite simply, he does!”

Chris Hughes

emeritus vistage
chairman & speaker

Take the next step to meet the right people!

If your business could do with some new quality connections and relationships it's worth having a chat with Chris?

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